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El Blog de la Asociación Peruana de Economía y Derecho APEYD) nace como consecuencia de las diversas entradas sobre Economía y Derecho (EyD) contenidas en el Blog del Estudio Martin Abogados & Economistas (Blog EMAE), así como la necesidad de expresar de una manera más dinámica el análisis, crítica y avances de la EyD.
The Blog of the Peruvian Law & Economics Association (PLEA) was born as a result of various posts on Economics and Law (L&E) contained in Martin Lawyers & Economists Firm Blog (Blog MLEF), and the need to express with more dynamics the analysis, criticism and EyD advances.

domingo, 25 de mayo de 2014

A Critical Introduction to Peruvian Economic Analysis of Law [J.M. MARTIN]


APEYD - Asociación Peruana de Economía y Derecho

Lima, 2008

This article aims to redefine and to review the concept of Economic Analysis of Law (EAL), and also to reveal the legitimacy of the criticism that it formulates, as well as to identify the difficult path in which EAL is being developed in Peru.

Finally, it pretends to clarify that Civil Economic Analysis of Law is just a mere branch of the whole EAL phenomenon, which cannot be confused in between, besides any generic thoughts or outcomes, while applying it to the constitutional basis of legal sciences, even if the goal is to offer a more realistic and scientific approach to the study of Law.

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